Our philosophy

It’s great to travel, staying in luxury hotels with perfect interiors and well-trained staff, but as often happens, its name is not remembered, and images are mixed with other similar ones. At the same time, everyone has a story about a small hotel, without embellishment, where there was a cozy common hall where you could drink tea and chat with neighbors. They always turn out to be completely extraordinary people, and a simple conversation became so deep, healing, revealing important truths.

This simplicity and soulfulness allows you to re-see life, the people around you and yourself. Such places become a place of attraction for interesting people, a place where you want to return again and again to experience something far from magazine covers and Instagram posts, something real and meaningful, to feel unity with similar and the value of opposites. We are interconnected, we intersect, intertwine, we are part of a big plan called Life.

We are confident that if you trust the Universe, its harmony and infinite wisdom, feel unity with the world around you, positive changes, inspiration and unexpected insights will definitely come. And who knows, maybe the time spent in Jurmala and in our cozy hotel will give rise to something extraordinary.